Hospitality and relationship building

We engage in the provision of entertainment, hospitality and tourism services. We operate through the following segments: Entertainment, Hotels and Resorts and Property & Other Investments.

We Listen

Good hospitality staff knows how to listen, not just with their ears, but with their entire body. Because it’s not only about what the guest tells them, it’s also about their non-verbal communication. We listen to what our guests say between the lines.

Customer Orientation

‘The customer is king’ is something that goes for all businesses. Even more so in hospitality though; your guests come to you to enjoy a well-deserved celebratory meal or holiday. Expectations are high and if not lived up to, disappointments are big.

Which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that your expectations are met.

We Understand the Rules

Of course, it’s our responsibility to make sure our employees know about the necessary rules and regulations. Once we have done their training, they follow procedures and understand that they need to be able to work autonomously when needed.

We Manage Budgets

There can’t be a business to run if the money isn’t there. Whatever the business is, managing any hospitality operation is a complex position that requires overseeing several departments within its organization. All of these sub-departments have budgets allocated to them. It is the Hospitality Manager’s job to disperse enough money to these departments that will ensure an efficient workflow toward the overall goal of the company. Two major responsibilities are marketing and approving/controlling expenditures.